2017 Northern California and West USA Archdiocese Servants Retreat

March 25 – 26, 2017

Under the Auspice of H. H. Pope Tawadros II and Blessed by H. G. Anba Angaelos


The 2017 Northern California and West USA Archdiocese Servants Retreat will be blessed with H.G. Bishop Angaelos who will be giving the lectures and presides over the event.

The Call to Service – Do you know your Call?

  • The call for service, what is God’s specific call for me?
  • My response to the call
  • The servant and focus on heaven

Workshops and Panel Discussions

  •  Challenges facing servants in discussions on contemporary social issue
  • How do servants and who we serve experience joy in service

Coptic Youth Center (CYC)
2500 Hansen Rd.
Hayward, CA

Saturday, March 25, 2017
8:00 AM            Matins and the Divine Liturgy
11:00 AM          Breakfast
11:30 AM          Welcome
11:45 AM          Lecture 1 (H.G. Bishop Angaelos)
12:30 PM          Lunch
1:30 PM            Workshop: Joy in Service – How Servants and Who They Serve Experience Joy in Service (Fr. Danial Zaki)
3:00 PM            Break
3:30 PM            Panel Discussion: Challenges Facing Servants Related to Contemporary Social Issue (Fr. Gregory Bishay Moderator)
5:30 PM            11th hour Prayer
5:45 PM            Lecture 2 (H.G. Bishop Angaelos)
6:30 PM            Dinner
8:00 PM            Vespers and Q&A (H.G. Bishop Angaelos)
9:30 PM            Conclusion of Day 1

Saturday, March 26, 2017
8:00 AM            The Divine Liturgy
10:30 AM          Breakfast
11:30 AM          Lecture 3 (H.G. Bishop Angaelos)
1:00 PM            Conclusion of the Retreat

All servants and servants preparation groups of the  churches of the Northern California and West USA Archdiocese are invited to attend. All events of the Servants Convention will be closed to the registered servants and will not allow non-registered servants or congregations from churches to attend.

Attending the Servants Retreat is FREE, lunch and dinner will be available to be purchased individually and are not included as part of attending the Retreat.

Donations will be appreciated to cover part of the expenses of the Retreat. There will be a donation box at the retreat, checks should be payable to St. George Church.

Please register  to get an accurate count for the printed material and hall seating as well as estimate of lunch and dinner intended purchase.

There will be babysitting available and a program for the kids.

Suggestions about accommodation on Saturday night regarding hotels close to the CYC will be available.
If you plan to stay Saturday night, please check that selection in your registration and we will contact you with the details of suggested accommodation.

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11th Annual Archdiocese of Northern California and West USA Servants Retreat 2017


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